Thursday, October 28, 2010

For Everything There Is A Season But How You See It Is A Choice

Ecclesiastes tells us to everything there is a season. Well sometimes I just don't like that! My mind is fine with it, it's my heart that has the trouble.
Over the last few months there have been super amounts of changes in my life and others around me. I have no doubt that the majority of these changes are God driven. I was great with all the adjustments until just this past week when one of the adjustments hit my heart very hard. Ecclesiastes says there is a time to plant and a time to uproot. The uproot is what I'm having a hard time dealing with. Again, my mind understands that there are seasons to all things but my heart has trouble adjusting to them.
I have a very blessed life now but it has not been without the work of overcoming much pain so of course I never like to deal with pain (as I'm sure many of us don't). Even when the waters are rough I look at the positive side (most of the time) but I'm very tempted to sit and pout in my pain and this time wasn't any different. I've been told that I walk around like nothing is wrong in the world and I ignore the pain and suffering that goes on but I say to those people, "I just choose to not sit in the pain and I choose to use it for God's glory." The key word here is choose. I choose to sit at the feet of Jesus and cry out to him because I know he is the healer of the broken heart and brings order back when there is chaos.
I chose to seek Him for answers this time too and sure enough as I was dealing with this situation God showed up right on time to help my heart start accepting the adjustment. My pastor used the analogy of going to the Chiropractor. When you first go the the Chiropractor and start getting "adjusted" it is more painful sometimes than when you initially went (which I can attest to) but after a few weeks of your spine getting adjusted to being put back in it's right place it begins to feel better. Then he said, "adjustments in our life can be painful at first too but if we see them as a God opportunity we will seize them as a God opportunity." What a great word for me that day! I'm thankful that I chose God and God's people to speak into my life especially during times of adjustment. I don't know what God's going to do during these adjustments but I know it's going to be far greater than what anyone can see.

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