Thursday, August 23, 2012

Your Life Without Limits-Book Review

Your Life Without Limits is a book that will get you to see life and people around you in a more hopeful way. Nick writes about his life without any arms or legs and the physical limitations that come from it. As you read the book you can definitely sense the selflessness he has for his life. With all his physical limitations, there are many times in the book where he sees other people in need and he believes they need help more than he does. Which you can see when he writes, "My own suffering seems so slight in comparison to the trials endured by so many people I've met." Nick helps you to see you can have hope in ANY circumstance in your life.

If you are a parent or someone who helps people, then this book can be helpful to you. He writes about how his parents continually encouraged him even at the times they did not know he was struggling in his mind and not even wanting to live. He is very transparent about his feelings and thoughts throughout his life and he helps your understand we all deal with issues of self worth or hopelessness throughout our lives. He explains how he got through the dark times with Hope from God and the love and understanding of his parents. He shows how important it is that as parents we need to always encourage and speak life into our children because when he wanted to commit suicide he realized his parents were the ones that were going to be hurt by the decision he made. 

I enjoyed reading how Nick dealt with his physical limitations and how he found hope even when he felt like there was none. I enjoyed the instructional aspect where he shows during the times he didn't have hope and what he would do to combat that. "Offer compassion when you need it. Be a friend when you need friendship. Give hope when you need it most." Nick not only shared his struggles, he shared his solutions which gives the reader hope for him/herself. 

Your Life Without Limits-Living Above Your Circumstances is book is a short, easy and refreshing read and gives practical steps to be hopeful when there seems like there is no hope. Do not confuse it with Life Without Limits-Living a Ridiculously Good Life which Nick goes through his life in more detail.
See below for the the first few pages of the book. 

Your Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review and was not paid to post a positive review”.

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  1. I had seen this book and wondered about it. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. Hope you have a great week! :O)