Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why I Don't Fit In With Religious People

There has been so much controversy over the Pope about his views on the Catholic rules. I'm so angry, hurt and disappointed about how some of my "Christian" friends respond to some of the things like this that come up. Ever since the election last year, I've been flabbergasted that many of my friends have chosen to believe the media, publicity spins and judge these poor people on just what they hear in the media and they don't even know these people and why they believe what they believe. If you weren't Republican you just were plain wrong in their eyes. (Of course what the Republicans said about the poor was totally okay since that candidate was Republican) They have even lost so many friendships over these controversies. Mainly because all they want to view from is a judgmental lens instead of a lens of love.
That poor Pope, I couldn't imagine what it must be like to be him. To have every word criticized by the media and spun to make a controversy. I guess I choose to believe that God knows his heart and that he is reaching people to help them know Jesus and will teach them Jesus' ways as they build a relationship with Him.

The recent words of him saying that, "we must get away from these small minded rules" has been so blown out of proportion. Not one place have I read where the Pope said, "it's okay to sin." But I have frequently read him saying we must love the people and be more concerned over their wounded hearts than the rules that have been set up. I personally take that to mean we must reach out to them with love first and teach them what God's word says about sin as we walk with them on their journey.
Our church frequently reminds us that our church is for unchurched people and if you aren't for reaching the unchurched people then you need to find another church. I honestly don't believe I even fit in with most of the people I even started church with because they do not share the vision of reaching people who are lost and hurting or "unchurched" by loving them where they are and discipling them.

Most of my friends have no idea that I'm Republican, that I'm strongly against abortion, homosexuality, sex outside of marriage and any other sin that God talks about in the Bible and it is because I don't have to preach to anyone that I believe these things, I LIVE these things and let my life do the preaching. I have no problem walking among people who are homosexuals, have had abortions or living in sin because my relationship with Jesus is stronger than their sin and I know the light of Jesus will shine through my life as I reach people.  Don't get me wrong, I do not live life with people who live these kind of lifestyle on a daily basis, I know that I'm a weak human being and that the Bible clearly states, "bad company corrupts good character", but I don't fear or judge their sin. God wasn't surprised by my sin or their sin and lifestyle so why should I be surprised or think I'm too good to reach out to them and love them. The closer I walk among Christian people the more ashamed I become of those who allow religion to reign instead of the Love of Jesus because 15 years ago I took part in and walked among all the sin and darkness I just listed above and I definitely was not a conservative. GASP!!! I wonder how many of my Christian friends would have been my friend then or would even choose to be my friend now, knowing that I was not always a believer or a conservative Republican.

I'm personally hurt by their negativity, their standoffish attitudes and their judgmental ways. I don't hurt for them, I hurt for the person who doesn't know Jesus who may not be reached because they feel they'll be judged before they even are loved.
I hurt because I was that lost soul and I left the church and God at 17 years old, for five dark years, because I was told and shown how horrible my sin was more than I was told how much I was loved by Jesus and his people.
I'm grateful to Jesus that I did not walk into my current church knowing how judgmental some Christians can be, because I would still be lost today. Jesus didn't condemned the hurting first, he only condemned the religious people, he loved those who were lost first and disciplined them second.

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