Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Lord Is Close To The Brokenhearted...

I will never forget the day I sat in the hospital room and wrote these words...

My Daddy, Through My Eyes

Thank God for my daddy being there when I was born, because if it wasn't for him my mother would have named me Cinica(no offense to anyone with that name). Even from the first moments of my life I was important to him because he realized my name was something I had to live with for the rest of my life, and from that moment on I was his little girl. I remember the precious moments I spent with him on Saturday mornings & we would go to the "Stop & Go" to get a Slushi drink and on the way there he would say, "We're almost to the tracks" and he would drive fast so it would tickle my stomach when we would go down the other side of the railroad tracks. That was so simple but it is such a great memory for me. There is something about being "Daddy's Little Girl" that has a special place that no one but daddy's girls can understand. No matter what I did or said my daddy was always there. When I messed up he never judged me, and he loved me right in the midst of the turmoil, and it was turmoil that I usually created for myself.
My daddy was not a person who said "I love you" to often but he didn't have to, because his actions spoke Love louder than his words ever could. As I now come to this point in life and see my daddy near the end of his, I only can pray that I showed him as much love by my actions as he did to me.
I never thought it would break my heart this much to watch the first man that I ever loved, going through the journey of passing on into his next journey to be with the one we can all call Daddy. And just as my earthly daddy leaves this place, I know my heavenly Daddy will never leave me and I will one day be joined with both of them for eternity. What a glorious day that will be when all the pieces of my heart will be back together again.

Needless to say that I was in no way prepared for what would happen next...

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